Tasting tour Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The attribute "Virgin" for the oil, indicates that the extraction process is carried out exclusively with physical and mechanical methods, without the use of solvents and without mixing with other oils of a different nature.

Olive oil is extra virgin when, in addition to being mechanically extracted, it has an acidity lower than 0.8%. Instead, with an acidity of up to 2%, the oil is Virgin but NOT Extra Virgin! To this day, the only Italian extra virgin olive oil that has obtained the IGP recognition (Protected Geographical Indication) is the "Toscano" (“Tuscan”).

To boast of the name "Toscano IGP", the production of the olives, pressing and bottling must take place within the administrative territory of the Tuscany Region. Furthermore, it must obviously respect the chemical-physical and sensorial requirements set by the specific regulation.

The "Toscano" is a GUARANTEED and CONTROLLED oil!

Come with us to visit one of the best producers of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, in one of the most important areas of Tuscany.