Your van rental with professional private driver in Tuscany

Rent a van with private driver for day tours, wine tours and transfers

My name is Gianmarco and I was born in Tuscany. As tuscan private driver, I'm lucky to have the possibility to live and work in one of the most beautiful places in Italy: the south of Tuscany.

I love my job, as it allows me to guide my guests throughout my land and let them discover its beauty.

In fact, guiding my guests through the beautiful scenic roads of Tuscany and Umbria and talking with them about our history and tradition fills me with joy and allows me to establish a strong connection with them.

Working as a private driver means also help others know the real essence of Tuscany: its colours, flavours, nuances, roads and rolling hills, which have something magical, unforgettable, kind of divine.

The headquarter of the 3RD Service is in Sinalunga, very near to the city of Siena - about 40 km away - and right in the middle of the red wine production territory.

Since the 3RD Service has been operating in the business for people transport for almost 20 years (I started in 2002), I am in possession of all the required authorisations to perform my job of NCC (Rent with Private Driver), as for example the "CAP" (Certificate of professional qualification - KB) as well as the registration as a driver.

The van itself is authorised to perform the NCC. Thanks to these authorisations released by recognised organisations, the van has free access to ZTL areas (Limited Traffic Zones) in small towns but also in bigger cities, including their historic centres.

As a professional private driver, I always suggest to keep an eye on such authorisations for private drivers and vehicles that perform these kind of services for you: authorisations must be shown on dedicated metal plates near the vehicle number plate and must contain the authorisation number and the issuing municipality.

"Ama ciò che fai e rispetta ciò che senti di Essere"