Wine tasting tours

Discover our wine regions with a van rental with tuscan private driver

Treat yourself to a unique sensory experience. Whether you are a wine lover or just a lover of good things, going through wineries will give you special feelings and emotions. You will learn the history of our territory, our life philosophy and the habits of locals, also through the knowledge of wine and all the work behind such precious beverage, that was anciently named as "Nectar of the Gods".

Wine tasting tours

During the years as a tuscan private driver I had the opportunity to select for my wine lover guests some of the best wineries in our wine regions. Let me take you on discovery of our best wines: the "Brunello" of Montalcino, the "Nobile" of Montepulciano, the "Sirah" of Cortona, the "Orcia" and "Chianti" wines, the "Supertuscan" of Bolgheri and Castagneto Carducci, the Umbrian "Sagrantino" of Montefalco and, last but not least, the white wine "Vernaccia" of San Gimignano.

It is also possible to organise wine tours, visits and tastings with only one type of wine or with a combination of two different wines. I usually suggest to visit no more than two wineries: one in the morning and the other one in the afternoon sounds almost great. Alternatively, if you decide to visit three wineries, the third one may be during the lunchtime.

The duration of a wine tour with tasting may vary from 1h15' to 1h45'. Wine tours usually start with the presentation and history of the firm and then they normally go forth with the work methods in the vineyard, the wine-making in cellar, the production and the marketing of the wine.

During the story, you will visit a part of the vineyard, the cellars and the wine bottling, labelling and shipment departments. Only at the end of this tour, you will be taken in a location, that may be open air or inside, dedicated to the wine tasting.

Rent a van with tuscan private driver, discover Tuscany and enjoy this wine touring experience in our wine regions!

Other tuscany specialities

The South of Tuscany is well known for the wine, but also for other gastronomic excellences. Just to name few, the Pecorino cheese of Pienza, the chianina steak, the olive oil, beers and grappa. Should you be interested in tastings or visits, ask your tuscan private driver, you will discover with our rental van service the delicacies of Tuscany!